The Whole Story Of Jeunesse Global Products

Jeunesse-logoJeunesse Global is a network marketing company established in 2009. The founders of the company are two individuals (a man and a woman) who had a vision and great goals: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Each of these two people is the definition of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Jeunesse Global items like Instantly Ageless are today known worldwide for their quality and efficiency dealing with the effects of ageing. Jeunesse is not the classical type of network marketing company, so it doesn’t focus on using traditional strategies.

Randy comes from a very poor family, and he remembers that, as a child, he was constantly hungry and didn’t wear shoes. Because of the poor conditions he has lived in, he promised himself that he will become a millionaire by the time he will be 35 and that he will have plenty of food to eat. Wendy was a teacher before she met Randy, and she didn’t know anything about business until she met him. They started to work together, and they realized that they completed each other in the development and the promotion of a business. These two individuals enjoyed their work so much that they tried retirement three times after they have aged, and it didn’t work for them.

Why Is Jeunesse Awesome?

Jeunesse products can have the power to change your life and the lives of anyone else, because of the science and technology used in their making. The company is growing fast and has the chance to become one of the best network marketing opportunities that have ever existed. The anti-aging market is in continuous growth, as more and more people over the age of thirty are looking for ways to look younger. One of the best aspects of this is that Jeunesse Global gives people the opportunity not only to use top quality anti-aging products, but also to be part of this growing business.

Jeunesse products can help people who use them to look younger, but also people who get into the company’s compensation plan to make money selling these products. In fact, a promoter of the business who is also a user of the products has the most benefits.

The Line of Jeunesse Products

The products promoted by the company are of different types, from nutritional to personal care and anti-aging products. The company is now popular for anti-aging products like Luminesce and Instantly Ageless anti-aging cream. They are developed using cutting-edge and innovative science and technology. Board certified doctors are backing up Jeunesse products, as they have spent many years performing clinical research that involves the aging process of humans.

Luminesce Skincare Series

Luminesce is a package of different products. Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum is a serum that has been used by many people worldwide and has proven to be a great anti-aging solution. The serum works so well that you can see its beneficial effects in just 24 hours from application. People with fine lines and wrinkles can finally have a solution that can help them to get rid of these signs of aging. The short-term results of Luminesce are simply amazing. In the long term, the difference between the aspect of the person who acquires the product before application and after the application is astonishing.

You can use Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex every day not only for fighting the aging process, but also for moisturizing the skin and protecting it. The apple and watermelon extract can rehydrate the skin while the red seaweed weed and the algae extracts provide natural sunscreen protection. The product also contains proteins and amino acids, plus a growth factor complex.

You can use a complex called Luminesce Advanced Night Repair during the night, in order to give your skin the opportunity to repair itself. This solution gets below the surface of your skin and stimulates the growth of new cells while the skin is moisturized and replenished. There are other Luminesce products as well, but these seem to be more important.

NutriGen Nutrition Series

Nutrigen is another great package from Jeunesse and contains different nutritional products. Reserve is a nutrition product and is meant to help people get the antioxidants and essential fatty acids that you may not receive from your normal diet. Because Jeunesse products are backed up by certified doctors, there is a test that can prove how this product works. As people age, they must receive all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Natural beauty starts from within. Nutrigen AM Essentials and PM Essentials can give you the possibility to fight aging from within. These two products can help you become strong and beautiful.

Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless is a serum that can restore the elasticity of your facial skin, with a focus on the wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and other aging signs that are seen on the under-eye area. This cream can have instant effects and can last up to more than ten hours. Whenever you want to look young, you apply a very small amount of cream with your forefinger and you are like ten years younger. Instantly Ageless is one of the most popular of all Jeunesse products.

Zen Bodi

Zen Bodi is a package that includes three products targetting different body systems for obtaining the perfect body shape and balancing your metabolism. The formula is a holistic solution for weight management.


Innovation is a complex of different Jeunesse products that help you to detoxify, stimulate the body’s ability to regain its youth, repair your DNA and provide the antioxidants that the body desperately needs to stay young.

The Basics about the Company’s Compensation Plan

There are six ways to earn an income from Jeunesse Global: acquisitions from new customers, team commissions, retail profit, customer acquisition incentives, leadership matching bonuses and the leadership bonus pool. In order to enter the business, you have purchased a membership and 100 points worth of products. From this point, you are eligible for accumulating points and getting acquisition bonuses.

End Notes

Finding Jeunesse Global and Jeunesse products is like a relief for both customers and people who want to make money with the company.

If you want to make money and stay young at the same time, then these ant aging products can be the perfect choice. One of the fastest ways to test the reliability of  the products is to get a package of the product called Instantly Ageless.