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I didn’t even know all these things were possible in your body draining the face? oh yeah. I love draining faces.

Let’s do this! This is a perfect day for a Beauty Trippin’. I know, I’m excited. Okay. -I wonder what we’re doing, though?

Word on the street is that it might be something that we have been looking forward to for a long time. Okay,-Not just this isn’t just any normal Beauty Trippin,’ Alright, Viv, what’s the clue?

Okay It’s already on the screen lol don’t read this why are you still reading More cool music “today’s our day.” What kind of clue is that? -It’s not my birthday today. I’m already married, We’re both married, Right, so Let’s see.

What could our day be? Okay, so Oh, so this is the SLS, there’s a spa up there, Oh, I’ve been there before! Ryland and I came and we got our skin probed.

What if they’re lasering our bodies?! What if they’re scullalallalal What if they’re sculpting our bodies? What if we’re shape-shifting? I’m telling you, like sculpting, like cold sculpting. Oh, I’ve seen commercials and infomercials-yes! -for freezing the fat Yes! Is that what you’re talking about? -Maybe that’s what it is. Why did they pick us for this episode if that’s the case. -I don’t know. (Laughs and smirks hehe) Even better music Hi, good morning! -Hi ladies. I’m Erin. Nice to meet you. Welcome to CL spa You ladies know what you’re here for today? We have no idea. Well, you’re going to experience endomology. -Yes! Wait, what is endomology? -Where they like, iron your fat sort of, right? It’s a machine that actually sucks and rolls up the fat when you’re trying to get rid of those fat cells.

FREE Cellulite Removal System

Are you girls ready to go? Yeah. Let’s do it. Let’s get you suited up, let’s go! Viv, I don’t know about you but I feel like this show has hit a new high. You didn’t even give yourself a design. Oh, no girl, I just needed all the coverage I can get. Alright, let’s do this. -Okay. Okay, are you excited Vivian? -I am. What areas do you want to focus on today? So, I recently started running. But I’m having some trouble with this so maybe we can help tone this part, and my legs.

-yeah. absolutely, we could do it. So I’m going to start on your stomach. -Okay. Make sure you let me know at any time if you want me to reduce the suction, okay, other than that just breathe relax and enjoy. Why do we need to be in these little funny suits? We don’t want to actually suck and roll your actual skin so this protects the skin and it also gives the machine a better grip. (realization of the truth has set in) This is so exciting.. -I’m so excited, I think I need to you to hold my hand. She has a death grip on me right now. Just so you know. Hehehehe it actually tickles. How does it feel? It feels nice and funny. Wow… so glad I could be here for this… moment… -Okay I’m ready to let go, Erin. -You’re ready I’m so proud of you It feels good, right? It feels funny.

-You know this the abdomen is definitely the more sensitive area. And under the arms is a little sensitive. -The belly button just feels really funny when you go over it. Okay, so I know this thing get’s rid of cellulite, but what is actually happening right now? These rollers are moving (Gasp) The skin is being sucked in, and rolled up, so it’s rolled in and coming out again. (repeated) That’s activating our like pole assist, which is fat? Which is the breakdown of fat cells, -Ahhh! I’m going back and forth to biology in high school and then it converts that fat cells into energy. Great! – So she’s going to have energy after this? Energy for yourselves to um, reproduce, and retoning the skin because it also activates the fibroglass (Erin lies) Those produce cologen and elastin which gives that firming, and toning to the skin as well. Can you do it to your face? -We do have the face function, yes.

Does it get rid of the double chin? (laughs at Erin being shocked) It can. definitely help with fine lines and wrinkles It can help with bags under the eyes, so, dark circles basically for the face it’s really kind of like manuathatic drainage. So it’s draining the face. Can you get rid of cankles with this? Oh yeah. Heavy legs, swollen ankles, um. Can you do it on your lips? and then maybe, plump up the lips? Yes you can. -oh, really. STOPPPP. You can do this to your lips?! Absolutely, there’s a, yeah, there’s a special function for lip plumping. I feel like this is the medical. -Well, I can’t do it with this one, it’s a different part of the machine. Um, random question, but do you guys sell these suits? -Yeah. You do sell them? We sell them, yes, absolutely. Everyone who comes, they have to buy a suit, first.

FREE Cellulite Removal System

And then that’s yours to keep. Oh my gosh, how much are they? I think they’re fifty dollars. Like no joke, this was something Kylie Jenner would wear to like the Met Gala, or something. like this is a Kardashian like Kanye West would sign off on this. -You just wing, and not tissue in your boobs like we do oh, does that mean she’s hooked? No, that means I’m getting ready to change to a different technique, Oh, so there’s like real technique involved\ in this.

I was, like I am a certified endomology therapist. This is a different technique now let me know. How is the suction feeling? Still feeling okay? -Yeah Does it still tickle? -It doesn’t tickle me anymore, it just initially tickles. This, this feels cold actually. Wait, what do you call this machine? Well I call this the beauty blend It’s my little name for it. Making women and men beautiful. Oh, men get it done too. Yeah, clients come in. My stomach is growling! do you have to wear one of these things on your face? It’s different cause these two little flaps that go like this, and yeah. -Wow. what a great word. Okay, Erin, so we’re going to do your butt and your legs, and some of these areas that you have little issues with, right? I’m always best when I’m butt up. on this show. (GASPPP) So make sure you let me know how the suction feels. That was surprising! That actually feels kinda fuhhnny I really like… I told you it tickled! I know, it feels great, doesn’t it? It feels so good.

It’s like a massage. a suction massage. -It is you can go a little harder. Want to try it a little more intense? okay… oooooooh yeah. that’s really good. even a half step up. How do you know all the spots? -Well, you know, I’m kind of trained to know that. and also I’m a woman. I know exactly where I would do it on myself. That is so nice all kind of fancy stuff. -NOooo stop. no, I like it. Don’t stop. no, it’s so good. No, don’t stop. It’s so good. I’m not kidding. This is my favorite beauty trippin’ I’ve ever done. It feels great, right? -This is so nice. So some women don’t want to lose their butt, so what we can do instead is like, shape it so this really nice-yes! line here -yeah! we can kind of, sculpt and shape so that it’s lifted and kind of target the stuff underneath here, yeah, so there’s all kinds of things we can do This is what I want for my birthday, and for Christmas, and for Mother’s Day, if I were a mother, but if I was this is what I would want, Don’t send me fanmail, just send me a giftcard to this butt thing.

So, this one always feels really weird. So we always end off with this one which is the roll out So, now the two rollers are both going out. So this is stimulating and activating those fiberglass And it’s FDA approved, you say? Yep. This is the only FDA approved machine. mechanical machine for the reduction of cellulite. Why do I like it in the butt so much? Um… I can’t answer that. for you. That was a real question. I really wanted it answered. Does everyone respond this way? -You know how many people actually like give you a butt massage?-You know most people don’t like butt massages, they’re always like “Do everything except my butt.” I’m like, “Do my butt.” People are self-concious gluteous maximus is one of the biggest muscles in your body and not only that, we have, we have a lot of deep, deep muscles that are down there that don’t get touched. You know? I’m really happy you’re here to touch the deep parts of my butt. Okay, I’m not going to lie there were dreams coming true today, that I didn’t even know that I had.

-I told you they were going to sculpt us I’m a good guesser. You are. -I feel like toned, I feel like I’m ready to just go to the beach, and just like rock my little ironed self out. I loved it. When she was getting into your butt, I was like ERRIINN That’s why. That’s why I love butt stuff. 😉 I mean, it just felt way too good. You guys, that was so, so fun. and I’m very very happy that Viv and I got to do that together. I’m happy with the result And I’m happy we got new outfits to wear to the next MTV movie awards. -I was kidding about that, by the way. Just imagine -I wasn’t are you kidding me? We were like hot Like Kylie Jenner is going to be jealous of us, of our Instagrams. Oh my gosh. Alright guys, thanks for watching, we will see you back here next time! Bye! Click left, get your latest Bachelorette update on True Showmance Or to the right to watch us try out rompers for men on Beauty Break. Text by: musicgirl_thefabulous Hope you enjoyed, I know I did.

FREE Cellulite Removal System

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